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  • Crypto enthusiast and investor Joel Valenzuela and Eugenia Alcalá Sucre have started ‘living off Dash’ to show the world how easier life becomes with the adoption of virtual currency as the primary mode of transaction. Dash is one of the leading crypto and comes amidst the first 15 currency in market capitalization. According to Venezuela, “I always had a keen interest in sound money that wasn’t under the control of any one entity, and when I heard you could be your own bank with cryptocurrency, I wanted to try it to see if that was true”.

  • Ethos Universal Wallet has added Dash, which could be a game changer for the crypto currency in terms of swift adoption and accessibility to users. Addition of Dash to Ethos Walltet will set the pace for more coins coming to its platform in near future.

  • The Dash-based coin, SimpleBank, utilizes ASIC-resistant NeoScrypt Algorithm. In the digital arena, SimpleBank seeks to curve a niche, often followed by banks, that will enable merchants as well as consumers to find out an easier way to buy and manage their virtual assets. With SimpleBank, users can convert their money into crypto at any authorized outlet.

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  • Thethrowaccount21 posted a discussion on Reddit commenting, The lead dev said they’d consider a PR anyone in business development want to take a look at this? – Do the developers have plans to add Dash as a base pair? Hi, I noticed you guys have an online store now. I’ve followed your project since it was a standalone app that you had to download. I’m impressed you made the necessary architecture changes to allow it to serve as a webapp. My question is, you currently support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and ZCash for payments…”
  • Neitizen_cookie posted a discussion on Reddit, “I cannot say enough good things about Bitrefill. If you are not using them to pay your monthly cell phone bill with Dash, you are missing out. Discount prices, InstantSend-enabled.”
  • In another discussion in Reddit by DashBasedLife said, “Defunding Kuvacash. Kuvacash, with one of their partners can access over 1 million users and put Dash in as a necessary payment system for those users. With another partner, we can access 14k remitters and put in front of them a proposition that costs 1/4 what they are used to paying competitors. This is the power of The Kuvacash approach with Dash – please consider if you want to see us prove this approach over the next month or so.”


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Latest News

  • The term Bitcoin Price is losing its relevance as well as search traffic with fewer netizens is looking for it more than a year. Bitcoin Price is nearing its historic low in terms of search popularity since 2015, shows Google Trends data.
  • The power consumption rate of Bitcoin’s mining has been on the rise over the past year. Presently, it accounts for almost one percent of the global energy consumption. As Bitcoin mining gives crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to earn Bitcoin as a reward, mining of the largest cryptocurrency is gaining popularity in recent times. The minting process includes verification of a set of transactions belonging to a specific blockchain.

  • CNBC will air a Bitcoin-centric documentary after the mainstream media was censured by the crypto community for controversial coverage of the assets class. To ‘explore the world of Bitcoin’ the American broadcaster, in a press note, described the documentary in details: This documentary is an eye-opening journey that proves to be as informative as it is entertaining and unexpected. Lee offers viewers a rare look inside the wild world of bitcoin, uncovering the unusual landscape and cast of characters surrounding it, and ultimately, allowing viewers to take their own side in the crypto craze.

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  • Chikucrypto posted a discussion on Reddit, “#Bitbose #BOSE To the company project more and more investors join. chooses it more strongly. I like the company grow. Believe in Your success this year. Carefully following Your development, I joined the project and will strongly support.
  • BUSD_official posted a discussion on Reddit, “How many people are a true believer in BTC ? The BTC is so popular now,while there are a little people that are a true believer in BTC~~~”

How many people are a true believer in BTC ? from r/Bitcoin


  • Klancepaul posted a discussion on Reddit, “New Hampshire Will Set up a Bitcoin Embassy – coinness.com

“A shop in Keene’s southwest corner known as Route 101 Local Good will be working as the Bitcoin Embassy in New Hampshire, the US. This place is property of Christopher E. Rietmann of Alstead, and he hopes to launch it in September this year so as to allow individuals to start learning about Bitcoin.”

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  • August 26 saw Cardano (ADA) signifying a bullish trend with its price resumed an uptrend. Finding support at $0.089, the prices exhibited a steady rise. The resistance level was fixed at $0.096. Today, the price was at $0.095, a 3.56 percent rise against the dollar.

Reddit Discussions

  • BasicAbbreviations posted a discussion on Reddit, “Cardano Q&A: Charles compares Ethereum to Ford & Cardano to Lamborghini. Good comparison? I am an investor in Cardano and absolutely respect and admire Hoskinson’s wisdom and the way he discusses topics and answers questions. However, I have to say, comparing Ethereum to Ford??? Really??? Is that a good comparison? Cardano to Lamborghini. It’s a bold claim and I dearly hope Cardano becomes what Hoskinson envisions.”

ZoeHess posted a video on Reddit, “IOHK | Cardano Community Meetup in London: Ouroboros PoS Research – Prof. Aggelos Kiayias”

IOHK | Cardano Community Meetup in London: Ouroboros PoS Research – Prof. Aggelos Kiayias from r/cardano


  • The new offering from Tron (TRX), Tronwallet, comes with upgraded features like an address book to keep contacts and multiple accounts. It supports five languages—Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Dutch— and got over 100 bug fixes. The multiple account option was a much-needed one where users can switch between accounts without hassle.

  • Tron Foundation seems to be progressing rapidly in blockchain-based projects given the fact that its founder and CEO Justin Sun has recently announced various upcoming developments of Tron network. Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) is scheduled to be released on August 30 that will have multiple accounts. The pitching of an interesting private key bounty hunting which will offer TRX as the reward has helped the company gain additional momentum.

  • Soon after the launch, over 11.6 million Tron has been sent via Seddit as the crypto community is using the full advantage of the new platform- TronVM.  The platform eases the transaction of TRX via Twitter and Telegram. The community members have already sent TRX to Oprah, Kanye, West, Ellen, Snoop Dogg. The Seedit amount of Tron transaction adds up to $261,00o.

Reddit Discussions

  • Klancepaul posted on Reddit, “KuCoin to List TRX Soon – coinness.com. Justin SUN, founder of Tron, just announced to Weibo – China’s Twitter – that the exchange KuCoin will list TRX shortly, without the specified date revealed. Coinness Market Index: TRX, $0.0226, +4.54%.”

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  • Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin ranks second in the list of famous crypto personalities, published by Bithemoth Exchange.  Buterin was a writer for Bitcoin which subsequently made him co-found the famous Bitcoin Magazine. “No, he’s not a robot, he’s an unbelievably smart individual who has achieved plenty at the age of 24 years old. His tweets are technical and rises debates with cryptocurrency developers around the world. It is no wonder his decisions make an impact, given Ethereum’s place in the cryptocurrency market placed ranked in at 2nd,” Bithemoth Exchange said about the Ethereum founder.

  • *In last week, Ethereum was trading in the support price band of $260.00 against dollar. There was no significant action as the crypto coin mostly traded in $30.00 range against US dollar. The price struggled to clear a strong resistant zone that ranges from $280.00 to $290.00. On Monday, Ethereum was trading at $278.75 gaining 1,88 percent against the dollar.


Reddit Discussions

  • Halcy0n9005 posted on Reddit, “Is there a TX/address visualiser for the ETH? Something where you can enter a wallet address and see relationships to other wallets via the TXs?”
  • ElegantBody posted on Reddit, “Travala – The Future of Travel – A Review By Vitalik Buterin”
  • A research by Eik_NL shows that, “Since April this year The Netherlands found some forms of loot-box mechanisms in games (like Ethereum-based card packs in Gods Unchained, and probably cryptokitties and others) to be violating gambling law and declared them illegal (read more here). For now, only the loot-boxes of which the content can be traded for money and therefore represent economical value are considered gambling (other aspects required to be considered gambling are that some form of chance is involved and that it needs to cost something to obtain them).”

Ethereum-based God’s Unchained banned for The Netherlands due to violation of gambling law (loot-box regulation) from r/ethereum

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  • The best winner in the Cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin Cash. It grew 177% during last 30 days. Ethereum gained 115% and Litecoin 52%. #Platform #Pip #PendingOrder

    — Dylan Simmons (@dylansfx999) August 27, 2018

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